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Welcome to our Pastoral Search site. We want to share with you about our church, the ministry opportunities, and a bit about the senior pastor position we are seeking to fill. Please follow the inquiry process if God leads you to apply for this challenging and rewarding ministry position.

Senior Pastor Opportunity

  • 16 years without senior pastoral leadership since the retirement of our founding pastor, Wilfred Hsu, in 2002 led to a congregation/language focused division of labor, yet missing coherent church-wide vision, managing ministry interdependencies, and unified purpose and strategic ministry priorities.
  • Overall spiritual and ministry ownership over the 3 congregations and across ministry domains where inspirational encouragements and support to the congregations build trust and bonds over time.
  • Need of seasoned pastoral leadership, vision and passion to fulfill God’s sovereign plan for the church and its ministries, across 3 congregations, as a unified body of Christ with cohesive ministries across congregations.
  • Strategic organization of the pastoral staff, currently with 3 vacant pastoral positions, providing direction to fill the vacancies. Oversight, supervision and mentoring of pastors and ministers on staff.
  • Evolve the church from ministry programs to people ministries, and develop deep spiritual growth and sustained outreach of the gospel to non-Christians.
  • Pastoral caring through prayers, individual and family follow-ups, developing and scaling caring network to and through church leaders and dedicated caring groups.
  • Reviving the thrust of prayer ministry, leading and fostering a prayer-focused church ministry.
  • Build up and grow the spiritual and experienced lay leaders, equipping and supporting them on ministry work. Provide discipleship, counseling and mentoring to lay leadership. Opportunities to develop the next generation pastors and lay leaders, and equipping them for God’s work, expanding the fruitfulness of the ministries.
  • Serve as the visible leader of Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church, while building and partnering with peer churches, local, state and national baptist conventions and seminaries for mutual and leverageable ministry opportunities.