Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

Candidate Profile

Pastoral Search Overview | Inquiry Process

Mandarin Pastor


  • Preaching and Teaching
    • Correctly handles the word of truth, text driven exposition, firm in his conviction, bold and clear in his delivery, relevant to everyday life and challenges God’s people to continually grow toward Christian maturity.
    • Identify and cultivate spiritual gifts, equip God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.
    • Teach; provide leadership and direction for theological education.
  • Evangelism and Outreach
    • Possess a heart for missions and desire to work with the Missions Committee to encourage the growth of support for missions at TCCBC.
    • Actively and passionately engage in personal evangelism and outreach. He should encourage, exhort, motivate, and lead TCCBC in reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the local community and to the world, with emphasis on the college students, young career and young adults.
  • Discipleship
    • Teaching believers to be learners from and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ in their relationships and daily lives, teaches them to understand and enhance the spiritual dimensions of their lives. This includes teaching them how to love and study God’s word, to love one another, to pursue God’s will, and to bear fruit for our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Caring Ministry
    • Provide pastoral care that includes all members in all walks of life, give biblical advice and counsel on spiritual, personal and family matters.
    • Relate well to a variety of different people in a sincere and humble way.  Willing to visit individuals and families in need within the church and community and to encourage the congregation to demonstrate hospitality to one another and to those in the community.
  • Leadership
    • Overseer, shepherd and advisor to the Mandarin ministries.
    • Demonstrate servant leadership by example in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


  • A man having received a clear calling to be a pastor, consistently reaching out to the non-believers, able to work with the pastoral team and deacon body in shepherding, teaching and equipping believers.  Being patient and kind, the love for God is clearly exhibited, and regularly making intercession for others according to the will of God.
  • Biblically based teaching and a ministry of reconciliation to proclaim the gospel of God to non-believers for them to experience a new life in Christ.
  • Pastoral gifts demonstrated in spiritual leadership, preaching, counseling, and caring. Be an example to the flock.
  • Seminary graduate with Master of Divinity or equivalent.
  • If married, he should model faithful leadership in the home and allow that to overflow into his leadership at the church.
  • Understands Chinese and North American culture with the Baptist faith and doctrine.
  • Fluent in Mandarin and conversant in English.