Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

Testimony — YinHsing Chien

My name is Chen Chien YinHsing. I came from Nantou, Taiwan and currently I am 81 years old. I have two sons and a daughter. I was raised in a Buddhist-believing family. In 1982, I migrated to Kansas in the United States. My opportunity to know the Christian faith was through my younger brother. At that time, my main purpose of going to church was to find friends to chat with or make new friends, but I was reluctant to know more about Christianity. Soon after, we moved to Southern California till 2020. Then, I moved to Northern California to live with my younger son and his family because my husband passed away.

During my stay in Southern California, my husband and I blindly volunteered at Tzu Chi for about eight years. We thought charitable deeds were rewarded – the more money you donate to the Tzu Chi, the more you will be blessed. Thus, we became very self-centered, and everything in my life was prioritized to make more money to live a wealthily and noble life. However, good times do not last long and soon after, my husband’s cancer relapsed. Fortunately, we got opportunity reconnect with Christianity again through Herald Cancer Care group. I started to join the church’s exercise class. Both of us occasionally attended church service whenever there was an event celebration. Many people from church tried to share the gospel to us, but our hearts hardened with our struggle.

In 2018, my husband’s condition began to deteriorate, and I had to take care of him all day. I was lonely and helpless, often crying secretly, and depressed. Many times, I had to bring my husband to the emergency unit in the middle of the night. My heart was flustered and confused, so I started to ask God to bless me to drive safely because I could barely see because of the cataracts in both of my eyes. I often could not sleep at night because I was afraid that I would not be able to take diligent care of my husband. I noticed my wrinkles have increased, and my memory had gradually declined. At this time, church’s brothers and sisters tried to evangelize the gospel to me. In July 2020, my husband and I informed my daughter that we wanted to accept Jesus as our personal savior and get baptized. We hope to have a peaceful life for our remaining years.

In October 2020, my husband went home to be with the Lord when he went to sleep. Later, I felt lonelier and anxious. My daughter kept praying for me. She asked me to read the Bible and listen to hymns so that I would be reminded that God is always with me. My brother Rev. Jerry Jean from Sacramento suggested to me to come to TCCBC and my daughter suggested to me to have a proper baptism in a Baptist church. Thus, I signed up for the baptism class and ready to be baptized according to the Church’s arrangement. From the baptism class, I start to understand more about Christ, who gave me a new life and have faith in Him. I admitted that I am a sinner and needed a Savior. I am willing to surrender all to the Lord Jesus and cast all my burdens to Him. I trust that only through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ can clean away my sins, but His Holy Spirit can regenerate my heart giving me new life in Him. I need the Holy Spirit to lead me every day for the rest of my life. I no longer want to remain of my life to invest in this world, I just want to read more of God’s Word, live for the Lord, and spread the gospel to my family.

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