Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

3/4/22 Communication

March 4, 2022

Dear TCCBC church family, greetings!

At this writing, Russian President Putin’s military campaign to invade Ukraine has entered its eighth day.  In my last communication letter (February 12, 2022), I wrote that US government has predicted that Russia would take military action against Ukraine.  I did not expect how it has now become a vivid reality before the eyes of all the people in the world.  President Putin is attempting to suppress neighboring Ukraine with his powerful military force.  According to the reports, Putin’s wishful expectation was to occupy major cities in Ukraine within four days and three nights, especially the capital Kyiv, and behead the president and important political leaders of Ukraine.  It is clear that Putin’s plan has so far suffered a major setback by the persistent resistance from the entire country of Ukraine.  Except for the elderly and the weak, women and children who have been forced to flee their homes, all men between the age of 18 and 60 have stayed behind to defend their country.  At this point, the war has caused thousands of casualties on both sides, and it is difficult to estimate the turbulent impact and the economic losses across the world.  Although some countries in the free world are willing to provide the Ukrainian government with arms, medicine or financial support through different means, no country, including NATO countries, has publicly expressed its willingness to fight alongside Ukraine.  We won’t know what the future development holds, but we can see on TV the tragedy of those Ukrainian people who were devastated and separated from their wives and children due to this unprovoked aggression.  It is heartbreaking to see the pictures of those soldiers saying goodbye to their wives, children, and elderly parents.  We cannot help but lament the cruelty and bloodshed from war, and the greed and ugliness of human nature.  Let us remember the extremely difficult situation in Ukraine in our prayers, and also pray that leading political leaders from the world can be wise and help Ukraine overcome this catastrophe, and not have to experience the tragedy of genocide or destruction of the country.  The church does not currently have a tangible plan for the victims and refugees from Ukraine.  We will share more with you when there is a way for brothers and sisters to provide relief support to them.

Our church’s Missions Committee has designated March 27 as the “Gospel Sunday”.  Our guest speakers will be preaching the Lord’s Gospel message.  The Mandarin and Cantonese congregations are co-hosting this gospel meeting this year.  We have invited Dr. Abraham Law, a well-known Bay Area physician and a Christian evangelist who fervently preaches the truths on salvation.  Pastor Ryan Choy, the brother of our own Pastor Stephen Choy, will be the guest speaker for the English congregation.  I hope that brothers and sisters can pray together, invite relatives and friends to come to join us, and pray earnestly for the lost souls in need of the Lord’s saving grace, so that many people can be freed from the bondage of sin and receive eternal life, peace and blessings that God has prepared everyone!

An intentional and effective discipleship ministry is done through small groups.  The focus of ministry training for the church this year is on the “Small Group Ministry Training Seminars”.  It is intended for everyone who is interested in learning about small group ministry, to understand how to deepen our individual relationships with God through the studying of His Word, sharing and fellowshipping with each other, leading people to Christ through the gospel, and establishing the framework for the small group ministry for the future.  Our three pastors (Pastor Michael, Pastor Stephen and Pastor Lee) will be leading the training for their individual congregations.  We will be able to more tangibly love God and love others through this set of learning and practical applications, and God’s name be glorified!  Three pastors will let you know when the details are ready for each individual congregation.

Learning together in Christ,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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