Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

Intonation And Sustain –Roddy Kwan

Can we feel God’s powerful and living Word in the Bible actually impacting our lives?  Are the results observable?  And how much do we really treasure it?  We hear God’s Word preached on Sundays.  We mediate on it in our daily quiet time.  We apply it and live by it.  Our prayers are often guided by it.  I think all of us can identify some or all of the moments the Word came alive and ministered to us.

A guitar that I enjoy playing regularly is known for its intonation and sustain.  In a way, it is a challenge to use it because every note is rendered exactly the way it is played.  Good or bad, there is no hiding of it once the string is plucked.   I could hear every mistake I made, even the nuance of a note not properly controlled.  But when played correctly, the instrument produces the musical beauty that is highly rewarding.  In the same way, studying the Bible carefully, faithfully and understanding it accurately gives us a deep sense of the unfathomable riches in God’s truths.  We only get to discover the fullness of the Scripture when we study it diligently, mediate on it intently, and apply it faithfully to uncover the power from God’s holy Word.  Our spiritual longing is filled by knowing more about God and appreciating His character and attributes as we grow in Him.  And it is highly rewarding.

I’m sure you have come across a passage, or a verse, or even a word that resonated with you when you studied the Bible.  Beyond the literal message on the surface, we got a taste of the spiritual insights embedded within.  Meditating on the insights produces deeper inspiration from God and the knowledge of His will for us.  It is similar to the rich sustain from an acoustic instrument producing the quality and fullness of sound beyond the notes played.  For when we resonate with God’s teaching and follow, the resulting beauty enables us to be His living testimony magnifying His grace for His glory.  Repeating the process sustains our spiritual health and growth as His children.

Beyond our own spiritual lives, God’s Word has an immense impact to our church life as well.  I praise God for sending three pastors to our church who are faithful and passionate about preaching and teaching our people from the Word of God, equipping believers for the ministry, and building up the body of Christ (Eph 4:12).  I am excited and look forward to the unity of our faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God propelling our people toward the fullness of Christ as a church, and be a light to the community around us.  Let’s press on!

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