Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

6/11/21 Communication

June 11, 2021

Dear TCCBC church family, greetings!

In a few days, we will likely hear the big announcement from the California governor on the removal of the pandemic restrictions.  We are hopeful from the moderation of the pandemic, sufficient supply on vaccines, and the increasing number of people getting vaccinated, we should have higher confidence to resume normal church meetings and regular life routines.  In the Church Council annual planning last Saturday, we unanimously agreed to fully reopen the church starting July 1, assuming that the state also announces its full reopening.  Not only for worship services, we will also reopen the church for fellowships, small groups, Bible Studies, and adults Sunday School classes.  Children’s Sunday School will also gradually reopen, with full reopening in September after the summer vacations.  We should all be excited about this very good news for our church ministry.  It is also a good opportunity for us to start sharing the gospel with our community through the church, proclaiming to the people the mystery of the gospel, and to know God’s wisdom (Eph 3:9-10).  As we fully reopen our church, online Sunday School and worship livestreaming will also end on July 1.  Sermon message audios will be recorded and made available to you online at the church’s website.  

Beyond the physical reopening of the church facility this summer, there will also be a number of important ministries for the future development of our church, and will require your attention, prayer support and your participation.

First, beyond celebration activities and a related message on Father’s Day (6/20), we will also be having the installation ceremony for our 2021-2022 Church Council.  This special joint worship service for all 3 congregations will start at 10 am that Sunday.  I encourage brothers and sisters to do your best to join us in person as an encouragement to those among us serving the church diligently, and be willing to support their work in action during the next fiscal year.

Immediately following this is the bi-weekly church leadership training seminar series for the coworkers that starts in July.  There is a correction on the meeting date.  We will start one week earlier with the first seminar on July 10, at 10 am.  Registration is open now.  Please register by sending your completed registration form to Pastor Lee by June 20.  I apologize that we are unable to accommodate late registrations or registration at the seminar.  Enclosed are the registration form and the seminar schedule with the study topics.

It was also decided at the Church Council planning to complete the revisions to the church bylaws by the end of September.  We will provide explanations to the revisions and answer questions in October with the goal of helping everyone understand the changes, and how they support the future church leadership structure and operation.  They will also encourage brothers and sisters to work together to build up God’s church and fulfill the mission entrusted to us by God.  Please bear these dates and times in mind.

If the government lifts the pandemic restrictions as expected, the church will hold the church’s anniversary celebration in early November this year.  We plan to use an outside restaurant outside for the three congregations to have the opportunity to be together in the same place to count the Lord’s blessings to us, and to testify to God’s work in our church.  This will be a self-funded meal. You can purchase meal tickets from the church.  The details are being planned.  We will let everyone know once we have the specifics.

Following the Mandarin worship this Sunday (6/13), we will have an opportunity to explain the planned budget for the next fiscal year to our church members.  Brothers and sisters are welcomed to stay behind and learn about next year’s budget specifics.  By the way, I would like to thank our heavenly Father for His abundant provision, and also thank the brothers and sisters for their contributions to support the church this past year.  I believe God has accepted what you have done in His name, and God will personally repay and bless you.  If you have not filed for reimbursement on church expenses from July 2020 to June 2021, please submit your reimbursement request before June 27.  You can email your expense report and receipts directly to Annie Hsu or  Thank you for your cooperation!

Being grateful with you together in Christ,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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