Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

2/19/21 Communication

February 19, 2021

Dear TCCBC members,

Everybody must remember that we have a 100 years old member in our church, Sister Mei-Ling Huang! She is the mother of GuoWei Huang.  Last year we celebrated her birthday at church, but this year is the actual official centennial birthday. On behalf of TCCBC, let me say, “Congratulations Auntie Meiling Huang! I wish you a prolonged life, the Lord’s blessings on you, enjoyment of the Lord’s love and keep waiting for the Lord to come again!”

Last week’s letter mentioned that people over 65 years old might receive a vaccination notification. Out of curiosity, I checked the internet for vaccination related news and confirmed the accuracy of the news. Those who want to receive a vaccine must first register. Unfortunately, because there are so many people wanting vaccination, most counties have been completely full the past few weeks. Later, I saw that it was possible to register in downtown San Francisco, so we gave it a try and successfully registered. Moreover, we received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine the afternoon the day after registering (last Friday). The second day, except for some soreness in the arm, it felt like a flu shot; everything was normal and safe! I encourage all church senior citizens, if you have not been vaccinated yet, you can go online or ask someone to help you register. In addition, I have heard that more and more pharmacies have begun to offer vaccinations. I would also like to wish everyone a blessed New Year, good health and a heart full of joy!

Last weekend (February 13) the U.S. Senate, after a few days of hearing President Trump’s impeachment case and the prosecution and defense lawyers debating between both sides, the final vote was 57:43, falling short of two-thirds of senators needed for approval. The impeachment failed and President Trump was acquitted by the chairman of the Senate that day. I hope that this ruling can calm harassing political disputes so that those in power can govern well and take care of the welfare of the people. As President Biden called for in his inauguration speech, I hope that all Americans can unite and work hard together for the United States.

Once again, I can report to you that we will return to on-site worship in the church on March 7th. Let us return to God’s house with a grateful and excited heart to share in fellowship with brothers and sisters. As we return to the church, we will gradually resume the church’s usual weekly meetings. In addition, Lord permitting, we will also plan for the future structure and leadership of the church and the gradual completion of the bylaws revision. Pray for the Lord to help us better prepare this year to meet the needs of future church ministry development.

This year, Good Friday and Easter will have three joint worship services to remember the suffering of our Lord Jesus for the world and His resurrection and ascension. On Easter Sunday, we will also have baptisms and the acceptance of new members so we ask everyone to come prepared and to share the Lord’s grace. Also do not forget that after Sunday service on March 21, we will have a farewell service for Pastor Daryl Watts. Please set aside that time to attend.

Receiving the Lord’s grace together,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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