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12/18/20 Communication

December 18, 2020

Dear TCCBC Church Family,

The past week has been filled with mixed feelings for many people, especially Chinese American citizens. Texas with 19 other states sued to challenge the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin on the basis that those states implemented pandemic-related changes to election procedures that, Texas claimed, were illegal and unconstitutional and cast into question the election results. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected this lawsuit 7-2 last Friday evening (12/11). On Monday the electors in each state participated in the legal dispute and have already called Joe Biden of the Democratic Party with the majority of electoral votes and have announced his election. However, the Republican Party’s legal proceedings are still ongoing. Here, we will not put forward any opinions on the legal position, but there is no doubt that this election, regardless of future results, has already caused serious differences in the United States and may even split the country. According to news reports, some people in Texas have proposed a “secession referendum.” If this happens, it will be something we do not want to see. For first and second generations of immigrants who came to America for freedom, the rule of law, fairness, and harmony have never experienced this kind of tears and scars before in this country. As a church, our members may come from various political parties, but I believe that this country can continue to establish a democratic country governed “by the people, owned by the people, and for the people” under the rule of law. This should be the consensus of the vast majority of the American people. As the United States is experiencing a moment of great pain, I call on Christians to pray urgently for this country.

Regardless of whether the future president of the United States is somebody you like or dislike, or even whether the future leader is willing to lead the country according to God’s will, let us believe that God is the God who truly controls everything. The kings of this world come and go, one after another, it is a normal change of events. We should also face it with a normal frame of mind. Whether the future leader is competent and God-fearing, this remains to be seen and cannot be judged at will. Of course, history will prove everything. Just like the history of kings we read about in the Old Testament, whether it is the southern kingdom of Judah or the northern kingdom of Israel, even these kings must be ordained by a prophet according to Old Testament law. Some of them “do what is right in the eyes of the Lord” but some are kings who “do what is evil in the eyes of the Lord”. Moreover, we cannot use a simple dichotomy to distinguish between a good king and an evil king. Because some kings at first respected God and acted in obedience to the Lord, but later abandoned God’s laws and regulations and destroyed the prophet’s loyalty. There are also some who failed to follow God’s way at first and provoked God’s wrath, but later they repented before God and led the people back to God. Looking at the historic procession of kings, the hand of God was always there to control it all and history is still advancing according to the plan set by God and the blueprint of the Messianic kingdom. I think today God might treat the United States like the country He once used before.

No matter who will be the forty-sixth president of the United States as long as he becomes president in accordance with the American legal system and under the supervision and oath of the chief justice. From my point of view, it is like becoming a king in the Old Testament by a prophet’s anointing, the person we must all obey.

We must admit that future leaders may make policies that will improve the well-being of the people, but they may also make wrong choices that will cause the people infinite suffering. But that is something that a leader must be accountable to God for. Unless the leader makes policies that absolutely conflicts with the truth of the Bible and the essence of faith, Christians must be careful and remember the teaching of the apostle Paul, “Submit to those in power and authority”  because they are God’s servants and God gives them the authority to govern. Do not act irrationally towards leaders based on your own ideals or political opinions. 

Today’s letter talks a little bit more about the US president and political issues, but I think about how Christians are going to face the turmoil in the current political situation, the differences between the people, and their own emotions, it is only with the guidance of the Bible’s truth that we can respond better and more in line with God’s will. I hope that the above sharing will be of some help to the brothers and sisters.

Let me use the remaining space to mention a few things about God’s family. First, I would like to report some good news. The church will continue to arrange for Brother Stephen Choy to fellowship with the English Church Youth and Youth Sunday School.  Unless there is a major unexpected incident, in the last week’s church council meeting, everyone in the council agrees that Brother Choy may be a rare candidate who can develop and lead in loving God and loving others. Therefore, we unanimously recommend Brother Stephen Choy for English pastor of the church and invite all members to vote to approve this resolution. We will have more details in next week’s letter. But please continue to pray for this matter before the Lord, believing that God will once again do His work among us and that we will see God’s guiding hand.

In addition, based on past experiences, many brothers and sisters will make more donations before the end of the year within the scope of government laws and regulations. On one hand, the donations will be used for the work of the church; on the other, they will also help with tax deductions. If you want your church donation to be used in this (2020) year tax filing, please be sure to send your donation check to the church before the end of December 31, or use the link on the Internet to contribute to the church. For your convenience, the following is a link to donate directly to the church: (Church Donation Link). As the Bible teaches us, we are to give willingly and express our gratitude and praise to God according to the grace God has given us.   

I also remind everyone that this Sunday is Christmas worship celebration, especially that the Mandarin Church Sunday worship will start at 9:30 in the morning. The second service will start at 11:00am. It is a farewell service organized by the three congregations for Pastor and Mrs. Mak. Please use the following Zoom Meeting Link to join on the Internet. 

Following tradition, the church will have a gratitude and sharing service before the end of the year. Although we are in middle of a pandemic, we will still hold this gathering this year but it will be led by the pastors of the three congregations and held at different times. For details, please wait for a notice from the pastor of each congregation.

On this Christmas Eve, the entire church leadership team here wishes to offer our cheer, celebration, gratitude and praise with you to the Incarnate One, living in the world, the Son of the Living God. As the angel sang and praised at the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: “Glory to God in the highest! Peace on earth to those on whom His favor rests!” (Luke 2:14)

Celebrating the birth of the Savior together,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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