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12/11/20 Communication

December 11, 2020

Dear TCCBC Church Family,

I am deeply grateful to God and very excited to report to you the voting results to call Michael Kwong to serve as the pastor of the Cantonese congregation. Thanks to the Lord, Brother Kwong was unanimously approved by the members of the church (86-0). Although there were restrictions due to the pandemic so that we could only vote through correspondence, the participation of the church members was very high. Almost all the ballots were sent back to the church on time. This is really impressive and proves that church members are still very concerned about the ministry of the church, especially the future of the church during this pandemic. As one of the pastors among you, I feel deeply comforted by your kindness and love for the church, and I am very proud of you. In addition to Michael Kwong being approved and accepted by all members, we also thank God that Jachin Hsu was also formally approved (87-0) as church trustee. In addition, the church’s fiscal year budget was passed without objection (83-0). These voting results lead us to bow our heads in worship to God because He really does take care of our every need and gives us the ability to unite and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit and makes these many important and good decisions for the church.

Deacon Wayne Huang will inform Brother Michael Kwong of the voting results on behalf of the church and will discuss some final details with the CCM board of directors. Currently, we have decided that Michael Kwong will officially take office as Cantonese church preacher on January 2, 2021 and to direct the various ministries of the Cantonese congregation.

We are extremely grateful that for the past year and a half God has provided us Pastor Mak and his wife to minister beautifully among us. Pastor Mak is humble and teaches so that the brothers and sisters grow in solid spiritual development. In order to express our sincere gratitude to Pastor and Mrs. Mak, the church will have an online gratitude service on December 20, which is also Christmas Sunday. On that Sunday, our gathering time and content will slightly change.

Dec. 20, 2020 9:30a.m. English congregation webcast; Cantonese congregation, Mandarin congregation YouTube video worship.

Dec. 20, 2020 11:00a.m. The three congregations will hold a joint farewell gathering for Pastor Mak which will be broadcast live. Cantonese will be the primary language but the Mandarin and English congregations are welcome to join.

We want to express our deep appreciation to Pastor and Mrs. Mak for their love, their care and the sweet fellowship that they have blessed us with.  The church is collecting a love offering for them as a token of our love and appreciation of their ministries.  You can either give online and select “Love offering for Pastor Mak”, or indicate that in your offering check when you mail it to the church. The love offering collection will be ended on December 27, 2020.  Thank you for your participation.

Thanks to God’s grace Brother Stephen Choy, pastoral candidate for the English congregation, officially met with us last week. Although we could only talk over the Internet, members who attended the get acquainted meetings in each language were very enthusiastic. Especially the fact that Candace (Mrs. Choy) was also present the whole time made the weekend gatherings much warmer. More importantly, we could feel this young couple’s passion to serve the Lord, their fidelity to God’s word, and their priority to the preaching the gospel of Christ. Currently, there are no more interviews. The church council will meet this weekend for further discussion and confirmation. If everyone is moved by God, we will let everyone know what the church will do next. Please continue to pray for the next pastor of the English congregation and to ask the Lord to personally confirm whether this is the servant God wants to lead us to serve the Lord.

During the past week you may have received year 2021 monthly calendar sent from the church to your home. This calendar is filled with very exquisite Chinese paintings and Bible verses. If you haven’t received one yet and you want a calendar, please contact Deacon Eng and we will find a way to deliver one to your house. Special thanks to members of the church for their willingness to immediately send out this monthly calendar prepared by the church during the pandemic. Thanks for their hard work! May God bless them!

Thanking God with one heart,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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