Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

10/9/2020 Communication

October 9, 2020

Dear TCCBC Church Family,

Just after sending out last week’s communication letter, I saw the news reports that both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were diagnosed with the coronavirus. This news immediately became the focus of world news and dignitaries from various countries expressed their condolences to the US President and wished him a speedy recovery. At present, President Trump has been discharged from the hospital but is not completely out of danger.  We also pray for the President, the First Lady, and infected staff members so that President Trump can safely return to health and continue to lead our country forward.  Unfortunately, there are still some media and internet sites that use very negative words to ridicule Trump and make improper speculations and criticisms about his infection.

In less than a month, November 3, is Election Day. Are you ready to vote? As a Christian, how do you cast your vote? Although we avoid talking about sensitive issues in the church like which party or candidate we support, I want to raise a few important thoughts for your consideration. Perhaps you already know or have thought about what I will mention here. If you haven’t yet, maybe this can help give your thinking some direction.

First of all, this election not only elects the president, but also the senators, members of the House of Representatives, and mayors of local governments. Not only that, but there are many controversial proposals. The vote you cast could affect your future style and quality of life.

Secondly, this election is not about whose polls are higher or lower. Rather the idea is choosing which leader is more in line with your biblical views as a Christian. Who can continue to lead and govern the country with Christian faith? Is the country going in the right direction? Which political party can teach you to respect God more?

Third, this election is not only related to the current situation but also to our future, especially the next generation, our children and their children. What kind of society and environment do we want them to live in? What kind of leader can lead this country or the areas where we live to be more secure and safe, allowing our children and grandchildren to be educated and receive correct teaching?

Fourth, many proposals are related to quality of life and even your children’s right to education (such as Proposal 16). You should vote for proposals that can truly improve children’s future and growth, laws that maintain your values in children’s education and is in line with your philosophy of life.

I will not answer any of the above questions because many of them are personal and subjective, but we need to pray before the Lord so that we can exercise our responsibility as citizens and vote responsibly  according to God’s moving in our hearts. 

According to 2016 estimates, at least 25 million Christians waived their right to vote. The Lord Jesus said: We are the salt of the world and the light of the world. Voting is also a good opportunity for Christians to shine and have a positive impact on society. No matter which party you support, I encourage everyone to vote with enthusiasm. Only when you participate by voting can you accurately reflect real public opinion. Especially this year with the pandemic, social order riots, and the changes in United States and China relationships, our vote will let future leaders know the thoughts of the people and let the world know the direction of America as well.

Finally, if you have the right to vote and have yet not received your voting notice and voting instructions, you can call the California government’s inquiry number (Chinese: please call (800) 339-2857; English: please call (800) 345-8683). Ask them to reissue or allow you to vote in person.

There will be a church council meeting after the Lord’s Day this week, and so please ask the Lord to give us wisdom to understand what God wants to do through the Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church. If there is any important decision or matter, I will report to you in the next communication letter. Pray and always rejoice in the Lord!

Casting a sacred vote together,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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