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10/2/2020 Communication

October 2, 2020

Dear TCCBC Church Family,

We officially entered October this week, that is, the last season for this year 2020, and it will disappear under the shroud of the coronavirus. This pandemic came very suddenly and almost no country could anticipate or predict the disaster this pandemic would cause. Nearly 35 million people have been infected and more than one million people have died. It seems that earth has experienced a world war and it seems that there is still a lot of time before this war ends. This is only the disaster’s impact on people’s health. If we add up the damage to the global economy, the rapid increase in unemployment, psychological anxiety, the increased suicide rate, students’ educational deprivation and deterioration of teaching quality, these losses simply cannot be measured and estimated financially. Many parents are very worried about this situation. They really don’t know where their child’s future is?

The impact of this pandemic has been so great that many people are asking, who should be responsible for the loss of control in such a pandemic? The first debate from the 2020 US presidential election on Tuesday night provided the most realistic scene with politicians accusing each other. The Democratic Party believes the President has not controlled the pandemic, while the Republican Party believes that the most severely affected areas are the areas with a Democratic majority in power. It seems that if we want to understand the truth of the pandemic and to attribute responsibility with the backdrop of the election, it is obviously like looking at flowers in a fog and we cannot see clearly so it is a waste of time.

Generally speaking, the first US presidential election debate made Americans feel totally dumbfounded. This was not a debate; it is like two children arguing on the side of the road. No matter what party you belong to, I think many people will agree with me: this was the worst presidential debate we have seen in the United States for so many years, not even comparable to an ordinary mayoral election debate. This not only makes us worry about the future of the United States if these people are to become the president of the United States and world-class political leaders in the future. They will not be able to make clear and convincing statements about the issues. They cannot help but make people doubt their ability to govern the country. This makes us Christians to pray even more urgently for the United States and this election and to ask the Lord to have mercy on the United States. No matter who is elected to be the head of this country, we must not forget the welfare of the common person and big plans for the country, and we must not fight each other about trivial things that embarrass this country. Hopefully in the next two debates, the two presidential candidates can change their style and cleanly discuss politics so that all Americans can hear their blueprint and vision for the country and only then, will they bring real happiness and stability to the people.

Fortunately, we have also begun to hear some good news. For example, some pharmaceutical companies around the world have announced that they have made breakthroughs in the research and development of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Some manufacturers have officially announced that they have entered phase 3 of the testings. If this stage of testing is successful, they will officially start producing vaccines and medicines. I hope that this day will come soon so people’s shelter-in-place will be lifted and that we can return to the church site to worship in person.

Since today’s mobile phones often get advertisements and even fraudulent calls that are too disturbing, please do not answer calls from strangers while you are at home to avoid being fooled. Brothers and sisters call the pastor; if no answers, please leave a message. I will reply to you as soon as possible after I get your message. Thank all of you for your help and cooperation.

By the way, I would like to remind everyone that there will be Holy Communion this coming Sunday. According to the custom of the past few months, brothers and sisters are asked to prepare the bread and cup for the Holy Communion at home by themselves. May the Lord use the sacraments to make us think about the sacrificial love of the Lord and look forward to the coming of the Lord’s return. On that day we will receive the inheritance God has preserved for us in the eternal kingdom so we will be with the Lord forever and enjoy the eternal happiness that God wants to give us. 

Finally, I wish you have a very peaceful Autumn Festival.  May we all encourage each other as the Bible tells us, “When I see your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars that you set in place–What is man that you are mindful of him, and a son of man that you care for him? (Ps. 8:4-5 NAB)”

Waiting together for the Lord’s return,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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