Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

7/24/2020 Communication

July 24, 2020

Dear TCCBC church family,

Greetings in the Lord to you and your family!  In recent weeks, shooting incidents have been prevalent in a number of large cities in this country.  Innocent people, even children under 10, were caught in the crossfire by the shooters.  These news reports saddened our hearts.  May God grant wisdom to the political leaders to fulfill their responsibilities of protecting common people.

The number of coronavirus infections in California has surpassed that of New York this week.  It appears that the challenge of returning to normal life is becoming greater.  On the other hand, I have also heard encouraging reports on the good progress of vaccine development.  Clinical trials are showing promising effectiveness.  It may be possible for the vaccines to have general availability within months.  We look forward to the state officials permitting the reopening of our church for worship at that time.  In recent conversations with a number of brothers and sisters, they have expressed desires to meet back in the church again.  I believe this desire is shared by many others as well.  Let us continue to pray to our Lord for His mercy on us.

Thank you for your commitment responses to the online Bible Study on Wednesdays.  We have close to twenty registrations at this time.  We will start meeting from July 29 (next Wednesday) to officially begin our Bible Study.  May the Spirit of God enlighten our spirit, enable us to discover the mysteries in God’s Word, and have proper responses accordingly.  Please also pray for us.

Family will always be family.  This past Saturday, the church family gathered in the church’s back parking area, vehicles lined up in a large circle, masks and social distancing in place, with love and in warm spirit, we bid farewell to our dear Yvette Chun.  She is relocating on August 1 to Texas to be with her family there.  But as we have discovered even with all the COVID-19 restrictions, distance could not and would not prevent God’s people to connect and share His love and blessings with each other.  So there we were, sending Yvette off with our fondest farewell, God’s blessings and sweet fellowship.  The gathering rekindled our deep desire to be together with God’s people, albeit talking through masks and over distance, yet connecting in love and care with each other.

Immediately following Yvette’s farewell was the AWANA Awards and Store event for the AWANA kids and families.  About 55 of the kids made it to the event.  The drive-through was another example of creative and prudent implementation of the COVID-19 safeguards that enabled us to continue meaningful ministries.  Awards were distributed to the kids, with leaders cheering on our clubbers for their accomplishments.  Parents were happy and thankful for the arrangement.

We thank God for the love expressed by our brothers and sisters.  After God called Karlson Poon home, the love offering contributions for his family these last two weeks were close to $5,000.  The church is also making an additional contribution from the Caring Fund as a token of our care to Karlson’s family.  May God bestow His blessings upon all those who made the love offering.  May God also help and comfort Fanny and her family, and to continue the heaven bound path by the grace of God.

Praying with you together,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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