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A Tribute To Pete Aubrecht — Roddy Kwan

On March 30, 2020, I received news that Pete Aubrecht had passed away to be with our Lord in heaven.  He had been fighting esophageal cancer over the past year.  A short but meaningful tribute to Pete, written by our class president at Shadow Mountain Community Church had expressed what was on my heart when I received the news.

Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine here on earth…

Today, Pete woke up to beautiful Son-shine in heaven…

We lost a great friend, brother-in-Christ, and godly man.

Heaven gained another saint.

Pete was the worship leader in the Adult Bible Fellowship that Grace and I had attended at Shadow Mountain.  I served with him when I was supporting A/V, and served under him when I had the honor of playing guitar alongside Pete during worship singing.  He was a kind, unassuming leader of the band, faithful man of God, who really understood Rom 12:3-8 well.  We had so many personalities, nuances among the worship team members.  And Pete always had us contributing our best to lead the 150+ members in the fellowship, praising and worshiping God every Sunday morning.  Pete never had to raise his voice.  Everyone on the worship team followed his instructions.  We trusted him.  I know, I was often the instruction relay between Pete and Warren, our drummer.  Under Pete, vocals and instruments blend together beautifully in our worship music, especially with 150 people singing right at you and with you.

The fellowship was named Joint Heirs.  When I suggested that we could sing the chorus of The Family Of God as one of the songs one time, Pete made it a regular opening part of our worship singing, “…joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod…”  Last time Grace and I visited Joint Heirs, he smiled at us and started singing those words.  How sweet it is to have been a part of this dear family of God! We won’t see Pete again on this earth.  But we shall meet him again in heaven.  Meanwhile, fond memories of Pete and his legacy continue to be the model of following Christ and serving Him, to me, and to those who have the privilege of knowing Pete.  May God make us all good and faithful servants like Pete for His glory!


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