Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

5/15/2020 Communication Letter

May 15, 2020

Dear TCCBC church family,

Greetings in the Lord to you and your family!  When you receive this communication letter, it will have been two full months since Shelter-In-Place order was announced by the California state officials.  We are fortunate to be in Northern California where many employees are permitted to work from home.  However, those who have since lost their jobs have now gone over 30 million in the United States.  Experts are predicting that there will be over 25% unemployed eventually, equaling the unemployment rate during the Great Depression.  Honestly, we are experiencing an unprecedented disaster and catastrophe.  During this disaster, not only have we experienced financial losses, many have also experienced psychological shock, with anxiety or depression symptoms.  During daily devotion yesterday (5/14) morning, I was reading the letter Paul wrote to the Colossian church.  I felt and appreciated once more the steadfast faith of Paul, a faithful servant of God.  Just like his letter to the Philippians, Paul also wrote the letter to the Colossians while he was imprisoned.  While deep in his own confinement without freedom, he still labored and strived to lead the Colossian believers before God (Col 1:28-29).  Paul encouraged them to comfort each other, “having been knit together in love”, with conviction from “the full assurance of understanding” during this most difficult time.  This faith comes to us from the treasured knowledge of the mystery and wisdom in Christ (Col 2:2-3).  Even in the midst of the most difficult time, we can continue to be rooted and be built up in Christ through His Words.  Through the studying of the Scriptures and prayer life, our faith will become established and our gratitude toward God overflowed (Col 2:6-7).

The governor of California announced last Friday to start Stage 2 of reopening the state.  The governor permitted eighteen counties to proceed with Stage 2 steps of reopening this Wednesday.  For example, some restaurants are permitted to open for business, and certain schools in the community can reopen also, under the condition that requires the counties to submit documents to the state government demonstrating that they are meeting the government’s required standard.  However, the governor indicated even though we had passed the peak of the epidemic, it did not mean every county could reopen.  There are still serious challenges from the epidemic in the Bay Area counties with increasing number of infections.  Therefore, they are not included in the easing of restrictions from Stage 2.  From what I can see, we need to continue in prayer, endure a little longer, and wait upon the coming of the day when the church can reopen.

Waiting in steadfast faith with you,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team


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