Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church

8/7/2020 Communication

August 7, 2020

Dear TCCBC church family,

The US SpaceX Dragon spacecraft returned to Earth smoothly last Sunday after a 63-day mission to the space station. This beautiful achievement should make all Americans very proud but because other recent societal events, this beautiful thing got ignored by most people. Something I think is very interesting is that in many interviews with NASA officials, reporters asked what scientific achievements would have a significant impact or contribution to us on earth. One official said a lot but he pointed out one study on how to recycle materials used in space. For example, converting waste into clean, usable water (sorry, I am a scientific novice so I do not understand it). Later, a reporter asked an astronaut who had been in space before, “Do you think it is a great achievement to transform used water into clean water?”  The astronaut’s answer surprised me, but at the same time I felt was very wise. His answer was, “Fortunately, we on earth don’t need to do this.” His answer suddenly made me feel immensely awed and grateful to God. In order for people to have water needed to survive in space, many scientific technologies are implemented and large funds are spent on research and development, but the water God has given us on this earth is so abundant and inexhaustible. And we can get water so easily and without spending too much money. God gives us not only water but also the air we breathe every minute and fresh air without buying it. But how often do we express our sincere gratitude to the Creator who gives all people sunshine, air, and water?

This week, the deacons of the church had their final discussion for recruiting church pastors. We understand that the current pandemic is still ongoing, but in order to meet future church development, we have decided to formally launch a plan to hire pastors. The pastoral search information will be posted on the website of the Southern Baptist Convention. Additionally, it will be posted in some seminaries and Christian publications. Here I would like to call on brothers and sisters to remember this important event in their daily prayers. Although it is not easy to find pastors during the pandemic, we believe that God has his plan and his direction, and God will personally send his servants to shepherd his flock. At the same time, if you know any preacher or church worker who is seeking God’s guidance or know of a suitable pastor for serving in our church, please inform the deacons of the church or Pastor Lee. We may not be able to guarantee that the person you introduce will be an official candidate but we will handle it carefully and will pray for God’s will and guidance.

The church has prepared many loving care packages of some cleaning and disinfecting supplies. If you or someone you know is in need, please contact the pastor of each congregation and we can get these care packages to you.

This Tuesday (8/4), we heard the sad news of the passing of Sister Shu Zhen Wei into the arms of Jesus. Due to the pandemic situation, the government has special regulations regarding the holding of funerals (for example, there are restrictions on the number of people attending funerals). At the time of writing this letter, I had not heard how the family will deal with the funeral and aftermath. After I have further information, I will let the brothers and sisters know as soon as possible. The church will try its best to help the family with a memorial service. Please remember her daughter Wei Yang and her family in prayer.

Supporting each other in our Lord,

Job Lee

Pastor Job Lee, Senior Pastor

With fellow church leadership team

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