Pastor Gregg Morita

Born and raised in Hawaii, I lived a typical middle-class life.  My parents had a desire for me to have a good education so they sent me to a Christian private school, where I eventually gave my life to Christ.  After graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.A. in Art, my future seemed uncertain at best.  Going through job after job with no fulfillment or purpose, life seemed to present little options.  After returning from a short-term mission trip, I found my calling.  A year later I was enrolled at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary with an intention to become an overseas missionary.  Although I had neither intention nor desire to become a pastor, my plans seemed to change as one door after another opened up through God’s leading.  In May 2004, I accepted a part-time position at Tri-City Chinese Baptist Church and became the full-time English Pastor in July 2005.

I say that my plans “seemed to change” because having left virtually all my family and friends in the paradise known as Hawaii, I see that God has indeed called me “overseas” to serve Him here in frigid Northern California; considered by researchers and analysts, to be located within the third largest mission field in the world known as the United States.  Though my mission field is different than I originally thought, my mission is the same – to help people to know and grow in Jesus Christ.  Through all these years of service, I recognize more and more the privilege and blessing it is to serve God here in full-time ministry.

My wife Theresa and I were married in 2009 and we have two sons, Kawika and Koa.